Beyond Access

Food access alone doesn’t lead to healthier habits. When you think about it, what would compel a mother of four who depends on her meager SNAP benefits opt for a head of broccoli that she is not sure how to cook or if her kids will eat it? Placing healthy food in the neighborhood is a good first step but this needs to be paired with knowledge and skills in order to have the desired impact.
A recent study in the Archives of Internal Medicine found that: “…increased access to food stores may require complementary or alternative strategies to promote dietary behavior change.” Sunday Suppers is a creative “alternative strategy” – an intermediary – that links the many efforts to enhance food access to positive dietary behavior change. The family meal bridges the gap between food access and healthy eating while building on its well-chronicled benefits.
Many have described Sunday Suppers as a program that reaches beyond access. By providing skills and building confidence families can better utilize the healthier food they gain access to.