Sunday Suppers volunteers work in the kitchen with food preparation, set dining room tables, serve dinner to families, bus tables, wash dishes, clean the dining and kitchen areas, and help with workshops and children’s activities.

We are always looking for volunteers who specialize in:

  • Photography & Videography
  • Graphic Design & Infographics
  • Salesforce
  • Workshops on health, wellness, or physical activity

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Sunday Suppers

Our Mission

To strengthen the health and well-being of families through the transformative power of family meals.

Our Address

2901 Hunting Park Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19129
Phone: 215-913-5028

Serving meals

Tuesdays at
First Presbyterian Church of Germantown

35 W. Chelten Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19144

Wednesdays at
Mariana Bracetti Academy

1840 Torresdale Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19124

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