The Silverman-Bartholomew Family

Posted on October 6, 2012

Meet the Silverman-Bartholomew family from Mt. Airy; Laura, Matthew, Elias(a 17 year old high school senior) and Sophie (15 and a sophomore). They volunteer on Sundays, and have made delicious, healthy desserts for our families. Laura read the Inquirer series about hunger that inspired Linda to start SS and was distraught to learn about the extent of hunger in our city. Her family responded by donating Christmas gifts, clothes and groceries, but it didn’t feel like enough.

Laura: I heard about SS and was interested because it was something we could do together. It is easy to sit in my comfortable house and focus on my own family and what I’m going to put on the dinner table each night. It’s important for me to confront the hard realities that many families contend with. Showing up for several hours a month seems like the least I can do to affirm that we are all Philadelphians, all one family.

Matthew: I see Yvonne, Mike, Linda, Pastor Adan and John as a family, inviting us into your home to help you serve the community. It’s a privilege to help out in this way.

Elias: Healthy eating is extremely important; I enjoy helping others learn about eating healthier.

Sohpie: Our experience has been very rewarding. ..the families all savor the meals and are great about trying new foods and learning about nutrition. It can’t be easy for families to make time to come to SS, and I am humbled by their showing up week after week, or for new families, by their courage in putting themselves in an unfamiliar situation. I enjoy meeting other volunteers and learning about what motivates them.

Thank you Laura, Matthew, Elias and Sophie; we couldn’t do it without great volunteers like you!