Sunday Suppers to open second site in 2018

Posted on December 4, 2017

Sunday Suppers to open a second site in 2018, doubling the number of families it serves each year

Organization will Upgrade Operations with Creation of an Annual Report, Advisory Board and Refreshed Website

Philadelphia, PA – Sunday Suppers, an organization focused on strengthening the health and well-being of low income families through the transformative power of family meals, today announced that it will open a second site in 2018, which will allow the organization to double the number of low-income families it serves. The second location will be in Germantown, Philadelphia, a neighborhood where the obesity rate in adults is 30% and in children is 36%, the poverty rate is 33%, and 43% of children are living in poverty. Sunday Suppers’ goal is to open a new site each year.

To date, Sunday Suppers has served more than 16,000 meals to 189 families at its current site in Kensington, which is one of the hungriest areas in the country with 31% of the population reporting food insecurity compared to 18% nationally. Sixty percent of Kensington’s population lives on a household income of $25,000 or less.

“With the addition of a second site, Sunday Suppers will be able to expand our footprint and help more Philadelphians in need, providing a safe and positive environment in which families can learn about food and healthier lifestyle choices in order to make significant behavioral changes,” said Linda Samost, Founder & Director, Sunday Suppers. “A pillar of Sunday Suppers is the belief that family interaction and participation create the opportunity to build sustainable community and improved behavior. I am thrilled we have had a positive impact on the Kensington community, but there is still much more work to do to help families become more active and engaged with each other and with those around them.”

Sunday Suppers offers a five-month program centered around a weekly family meal where families help prepare a supper made of fresh, local, and healthy food, with ingredients that are familiar and affordable, served in a restaurant-like atmosphere. At the end of each meal, every family is given a to-go bag, with the ingredients and recipes from that day’s supper, to take home and make on their own, using the skills they learn in the program. Because a key component to healthy eating is having access to kitchen equipment, the organization provides needed equipment to families by securing donations of new and gently used kitchen items.

Families in the program report a renewed sense of communication and cohesiveness within their own families, while being part of a larger, supportive community, in addition to healthier cooking and lifestyle behaviors.

In addition to the weekly meal, Sunday Suppers delivers fun, hands-on cooking lessons to help develop skills and increase confidence and knowledge. Also included in the organization’s programming are volunteer opportunities, exercise classes, and community gardening.

Sunday Suppers today also announced that it is relaunching and upgrading its operations with the initiation of an annual report, a refreshed website and the creation of an advisory board.

Annual Report

Going forward, Sunday Suppers will compile annual reports for each year of its operations to provide an overview of the organization’s programming, metrics and financials. The 2017 Annual Report not only looks at the operations of the current year, but covers the development of the program from its creation in 2011 up to now. For future years, each report will provide an annual review of Sunday Suppers for a one-year period.

The 2017 Annual Report can be found here.

Advisory Board
Sunday Suppers created an Advisory Board over the summer, and the board held its first meeting in October 2017. Comprising individuals from a variety of sectors in Philadelphia, the role of the Advisory Board is to provide expertise, guidance and support for the growth of the organization so that it can expand its capacity and reach. The Board will also help to ensure the organizational structure, processes and programs continue to support the goals and mission of Sunday Suppers. The board will meet four times per year.

Refreshed Website
Sunday Suppers is in the process of refreshing its website to make it more user-friendly, dynamic and navigable. The new site is expected to be complete by the end of this year.

The following are quotes from Sunday Suppers participants speaking to the value and benefits of the program:

Michelle, age 13: “I eat more veggies, I never ate salad before, now I like it.”

Alexsandra, age 15: “I drink more water. I started a water diet of a ½ gallon. My face stopped breaking out and I’m not as tired. Here we have water all the time.

Nancy, age 13: “I don’t eat at night anymore. I have cut down my portions and servings of food and I can control my weight.”

Gabriel, age 8: “Now I don’t eat junk food.”

Angelica, age 11: “I never ate chicken before Sunday Suppers. I started eating chicken all the time now since I tried it at Sunday Suppers.”

Imani, age 8: “Now I try new foods like tofu and enchiladas. I thought I wouldn’t like kale but tried it in a salad and loved it.”

Francis, age 11: ”I eat a bigger variety of vegetables now. Carrots- I eat all kinds of vegetables even though nobody else in my family does.”

Iris, grandmother of two, age 51: “Since coming to Sunday Suppers my family communicates more. We are always talking now. We are just closer now.”

Linda, single mother of seven, age 47: “We need more stuff like this in our community. It helps a lot of families.”

Heather, mother of four, age 46: “Sunday Suppers is good for families because they show people how to make different foods in an inexpensive way.”

Lizaida, mother of three, age 33: “Sunday Suppers is different and it offers many things like nutritional advice, exercise and how to sit down as a family and enjoy a meal.”

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