Our mission is to strengthen the health and well-being of families through the transformative power of family meals.

Our goal is for families to incorporate shared healthy meals into their lifestyles thereby enhancing communication, embracing healthy eating and reducing physical symptoms including obesity.

Our values
• Everyone is entitled to a sufficiency of healthy fresh food, the means to prepare that food, and a way to share it with their family.
• Providing people with an opportunity to participate in getting their needs met provides them with dignity as well as skills, strengthening the individual as well as the program.
• Mutual respect between all people is essential.
• Families are central in providing the love, support, and structure that children need to develop into happy, healthy and productive adults.
• Healthy food is important, and providing a positive, joyful eating experience for families is equally important.
• The unique needs of each community should be a key consideration in choosing, preparing and eating food.