Posted on January 17, 2018


Sunday Suppers’ five-month program centers around a weekly family meal where families share a supper made of fresh, local, and healthy food, with ingredients that are familiar and affordable. At the end of each meal, every family is given the ingredients and recipes from that day’s supper to take home and make on their own. Families are also given needed kitchen equipment to support their success in reaching their goals.

“Now we sit at the table to eat, and the kids talk about how their day was, how school was and they ask how I am”

Julie, mother of 2

In addition to the weekly meal, Sunday Suppers delivers fun, hands-on cooking lessons to help develop skills and increase confidence and knowledge. Also included in our programming are volunteer opportunities, exercise classes, and community gardening.

“We changed, we eat healthy. We used to eat most things fried like chicken, now we have broccoli with pasta and carrots and red peppers.”

Shakira, age 14


Why is it called Sunday Suppers?

For many of us, Sunday suppers were an important part of growing up, when our families shared not only food, but conversation, connection, and quality time. At Sunday Suppers, we model this so that others can have that experience. Our program is held on the day and time that works best for the community, but we believe a family meal can – and should – be shared every day of the week!

“I learned smaller portion sizes can feed many people.”

Linda, single mother of three