Mission & Values

Our Mission

To strengthen the health and well-being of families through the transformative power of family meals.

Our Goals

  • Help families incorporate shared nutritious meals into their lifestyle, increase and enhance communication, and reduce health problems caused by poor nutrition.
  • Provide information to families about the importance of healthy eating so they can work towards self defined goals for positive change.
  • Develop the skills and capacity of Sunday Suppers graduates so they can implement the program in their own communities.
  • Increase the number of neighborhoods and families we serve each year.

We Believe

…everyone is entitled to a sufficiency of healthy fresh food, the means to prepare it, and a way to share it with family.

…in participants becoming leaders, providing the skills and confidence which strengthens the individual as well as the program.

…in working together with respect, as equal partners.

…families are central in providing the love, support, and structure that children need to develop into happy, healthy, and productive adults.

…healthy food is important, and providing a positive, joyful eating experience for families is equally important.

…that the uniqueness of each community is to be celebrated and is key in how services are developed and delivered