Meet the Llanos family

Posted on March 3, 2015

Victoria, Jose and their four children have been attending Sunday Suppers for 5 months. After Jose’s stroke earlier in the 2014 they started to change the family’s diet. They decided to enroll in Sunday Suppers so that the whole family could start to change their eating habits. The kids really like the program and ask every time, “When is Sunday Suppers?”

Victoria has been adding more fresh vegetables to their meals at home and everyone enjoys what is served at Sunday Suppers (especially the broccoli soup). At home “we sit at the table more often and for longer times.” Besides having meals together, they are spending more time as a family in other activities like playing games or just talking. They are eating more vegetables and are baking and sauteing their food more often (they used to eat fried food regularly). With the changes the family is making they tell us they feel more energized and more satisfied with the foods they are eating.

Victoria keeps a routine and “even if I am tired, I will cook.” She does admit to resistance from the teenagers, but there is progress and more and more they are eating what she prepares. At home, the whole family has become involved in preparing the meals, setting the table and cleaning up. And they do the same at Sunday Suppers – helping prepare the weekly meal, setting up (and breaking down) the dining room and washing the linens.

We are so glad to have the Llanos family as part of Sunday Suppers and to be able to support them in the changes they want to make to eat healthier and become closer as a family.