Meet The Daniels Family

Posted on October 26, 2015

Shaleeyah, Tommy and their four boys have been attending Sunday Suppers since July. After looking at photos of herself from a vacation to Jamaica in May 2015, Shaleeyah decided she wanted to lose weight and create a healthier lifestyle for herself and her family. She and her family started exercising every day and eating healthier. Shaleeyah has already lost 47 pounds! The Daniels decided to enroll in Sunday Suppers so that they could learn about preparing types of food they haven’t tried before and get more diversity in their new healthier diet.

Since joining Sunday Suppers, Shaleeyah and her family have incorporated different kinds of fresh vegetables and food preparations into their daily meals. One of Shaleeyah’s new favorite foods is zucchini.

Two of Shaleeyah’s sons, twins, Ermond and Ernez, come right after school on Thursdays to help Kristin, Sunday Suppers chef, prepare food in the kitchen for the weekly suppers. Ermond said, “This program is helping me learn how to cook and learn new things to cook.” Ernez said, “I have learned about eating healthy and making better choices.”

The whole family stays to help give back by helping to clean up after each meal. T’mi, age 4, doesn’t even want to go home because he has so much fun helping!

After attending one Sunday Suppers with his family, Tommy, changed his work scheduled so that he would be able to attend the suppers regularly to spend more quality time with his family. “I like the family atmosphere and look forward to coming here.”

We are so glad to have the Daniels family as part of Sunday Suppers. They bring amazing energy and positivity into the room and we are grateful that they are part of our growing community committed to learning and growing into healthier people.