Posted on January 17, 2018

The TOP FIVE things families learned at Sunday Suppers


#5 Try it, you’ll like it!

“I liked how the broccoli soup tasted and it’s good for you.” Linda age 11


#4 A lot of things we drink contain lots of sugar; drink water instead

“Water is healthier than drinking soda or juice. Every time I go in the house I drink 3 cups of water.” Ernez, age 10


#3 The importance of eating & spending time together

“After coming to Sunday Suppers the kids all wanted to sit down together and help cook. We didn’t do that before.” Latashey, mother of 5


#2 How to buy, prepare and eat more vegetables.

“I liked this (kale). I loved it not liked it.” , Bruce , Age 10


#1 Healthier ways to cook

“We cut out frying, use more fresh herbs, and freeze a lot of food to use another time. And now I get my shopping done faster because I don’t get processed foods. I don’t go down those aisles” Iris Grandmother of 2