How your donation helps

Starting April 1, 2020, your donation will support our three pronged initiative to support our families during the coronavirus epidemic.

Katie Briggs, chef for Sunday Suppers, will prepare soups to be distributed to Sunday Suppers current and former families and others.  Initially 50 gallons of soup will be prepared and distributed weekly along with donated produce from Share Food Program.

For families running out of money, a gift card will be provided to a store to which they have access or an online vendor.  Also, since food delivery in our target area is very limited, we are reaching out to you and others to “match” with a family to help them get what they need (we can help.with the cost)

Parents are identifying specific subjects and grade levels where their children need help and we are again asking you to let us know if you can provide “virtual” help via telephone or online.
We will provide materials such as coloring books, books, puzzles, printer ink, books and household and hygiene products.

Monthly giving level: $

Gift a Donation

For every purpose and occasion, charitable contributions are the perfect gift. Donate in a friend, family member, client or colleague’s name to Sunday Suppers. It’s a thoughtful gift they’re sure to appreciate. To acknowledge your donation, a card will be sent to the person and address that you provide.

Gift amount: $ USD

Name of individual or family

Provide the address to send acknowledgement:



Donate By Check

Please make check out to:
Sunday Suppers
Mail to:
2901 Hunting Park Avenue,
Philadelphia, PA 19129

Donate Supplies

We are always looking for new or gently used items to help families store and cook healthy foods.

Here are the primary tools our families need:

Chef knives
Mixing bowls
Sturdy tongs
Sturdy sheet pans
Large plastic cutting boards
Paring knives
Can openers
Measuring cups and spoons
Small, medium and large saucepans

Non-stick frying pans
Large Stock Pots
Slotted spoons
Rubber spatulas
Soup Bowls
Drinking glasses