Amie Brandt

Posted on February 9, 2013

Amie Brandt grew up in Pike Creek, Delaware, just North of Newark and West of Wilmington. While pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics at the University of Delaware, she took a year off to help gut houses in post-Katrina New Orleans. Amie left Louisiana to finish her degree and spend a few years in Philadelphia, after which she moved to Washington, D.C. and earned a Master’s in Public Health from George Washington University. She then returned to Philadelphia, where she now works as a Research Coordination Specialist for a company that performs clinical Pharmaceutical trials.

Food has always been a love of Amie’s, so she was drawn to Sunday Suppers when she found the program in her search for local volunteer opportunities. During her first time at Sunday Suppers, Amie loved seeing how much the families enjoyed the food and camaraderie that they experienced during dinner. She also loved being a Sunday Suppers volunteer; Amie said that in addition to the program’s wonderful work, it was “really, really fun,” and that she “loved being a part of what Sunday Suppers is doing.” Since then, she’s been back numerous times, always with a friendly attitude, an excitement for food, and a desire to support Sunday Suppers’ mission in the community.

Amie loves Nachos more than any other food, but if she were to plan her Sunday Suppers Dream Menu, it would reflect her exposure to the cuisine of New Orleans: Jambalaya, étouffée (a thick stew with crawfish or shrimp), collard greens, corn bread, & any kind of Po’ Boy sandwich (maybe even alligator!).