Financial Statement From July 1, 2016 To June 30, 2017

Foundations $66,700
Individuals $42,788
Special Event $27,465
Corporate/Matching $4,850
In-kind $17,385
Total Revenues $159,188
Personnel $81,770
Administration $17,219
Program $5,007
Food $11,602
Office $1,321
Total Expenses $116,919

* Sunday Suppers is fiscally sponsored by and operates under the legal and fiscal umbrella of the Share Food Program, Inc.

*Sunday Suppers closed FY2017 with a surplus of $42,269 after a successful fundraising year. This surplus will be used to add a new site, hire additional staff, and expand the number of families we serve.

Spring Supper

Spring Supper, our annual fundraiser, is a celebration of our program’s successes and an opportunity to build awareness, expand our support base, and raise money. Modeled after our program, with the family meal at its core, participants gather around the table for a healthy and delicious meal, prepared by our chefs with recipes from our own cookbook.

This year’s Spring Supper took place in May, 2017 and featured keynote guest speaker Marianna Chilton, Director of The Center for Hunger Free Communities at Drexel University and founder of Eat Cafe, who spoke about food insecurity and food justice. Sunday Suppers presented EAT Cafe with our “Nourishing Communities Award” for their commitment to nourish, educate, and promote food justice for all.

It was a privilege to be joined by so many others who are committed to addressing the issues of food scarcity and poverty in Philadelphia. We are already well into our planning for the next Spring Supper in May, 2018.