Sunday Suppers Annual Report 2017



Dear Friends –

This past year has been exciting and productive as Sunday Suppers lays the foundation for broadening our program. We are doubling our efforts in the Kensington area by offering two cohorts per year and will be opening a second site in early 2018. But because hunger and poverty rates in Philadelphia remain the highest among the nation’s 10 largest cities, we feel compelled to expand our reach even further.Our goal is to add a new site every year, to touch more families and continue to bolster the skills and competency of our alumni, so that they can become the next generation of program leaders. It has always been my vision to have community members staff our program, as they are the ones who have experienced the challenges faced by others in their community.Sunday Suppers is making a demonstrable impact on the health and well-

being of our participants. Families eat more fresh foods, use healthier cooking techniques, drink fewer sugary beverages, and eat together more often. They also report enhanced communication and cohesiveness within their own families, while becoming part of a larger, supportive Sunday Suppers community.
Sunday Suppers grew out of my fundamental belief that everyone has the right to healthy and affordable food that they can share as a family. By providing skills, information, and support in a nurturing atmosphere of dignity and respect, families can reach their individualized goals for enriching and improving their lives.

Mission Statement

To strengthen the health and well-being of families through the transformative power of family meals.

Our work this past year would never have been possible without the generosity of so many: friends, foundations, volunteers, and in-kind donors. Thank you. Please join me in celebrating our successes and supporting us as we embark on the next phase of our work.
Together we can make a difference,

Linda Samost



Sunday Suppers’ five-month program centers around a weekly family meal where families share a supper made of fresh, local, and healthy food, with ingredients that are familiar and affordable. At the end of each meal, every family is given the ingredients and recipes from that day’s supper to take home and make on their own. Families are also given needed kitchen equipment to support their success in reaching their goals.

“Now we sit at the table to eat, and the kids talk about how their day was, how school was and they ask how I am”

Julie, mother of 2

In addition to the weekly meal, Sunday Suppers delivers fun, hands-on cooking lessons to help develop skills and increase confidence and knowledge. Also included in our programming are volunteer opportunities, exercise classes, and community gardening.

“We changed, we eat healthy. We used to eat most things fried like chicken, now we have broccoli with pasta and carrots and red peppers.”

Shakira, age 14


Why is it called Sunday Suppers?

For many of us, Sunday suppers were an important part of growing up, when our families shared not only food, but conversation, connection, and quality time. At Sunday Suppers, we model this so that others can have that experience. Our program is held on the day and time that works best for the community, but we believe a family meal can – and should – be shared every day of the week!

“I learned smaller portion sizes can feed many people.”

Linda, single mother of three


The TOP FIVE things families learned at Sunday Suppers


#5 Try it, you’ll like it!

“I liked how the broccoli soup tasted and it’s good for you.” Linda age 11


#4 A lot of things we drink contain lots of sugar; drink water instead

“Water is healthier than drinking soda or juice. Every time I go in the house I drink 3 cups of water.” Ernez, age 10


#3 The importance of eating & spending time together

“After coming to Sunday Suppers the kids all wanted to sit down together and help cook. We didn’t do that before.” Latashey, mother of 5


#2 How to buy, prepare and eat more vegetables.

“I liked this (kale). I loved it not liked it.” , Bruce , Age 10


#1 Healthier ways to cook

“We cut out frying, use more fresh herbs, and freeze a lot of food to use another time. And now I get my shopping done faster because I don’t get processed foods. I don’t go down those aisles” Iris Grandmother of 2


Peer Leaders

Graduates and community members are the heart and soul of Sunday Suppers, so we created the Peer Leadership Program in the fall of 2016. This program provides an opportunity for alumni to apply for paid positions such as group facilitation, gardening, outreach, or meal preparation. As they build on their new skills, gain experience, and receive training, peer leaders can take more significant roles on our team.

Meet one of our Families

Naisha, her son Brandon, and her daughter Imani graduated from Sunday Suppers in June, 2017. Although Naisha works full-time, the family never missed a supper and have come to every monthly alumni night. Naisha tells others to “go to Sunday Suppers because the food is the bomb, the community is wonderful and you’ll prepare meals wiser.”

What is your favorite thing about Sunday Suppers?

I liked meeting new families and learning from them. – Naisha
The garden…. BBQ Tofu, it tastes like chicken. – Brandon
Spending time with my family. That’s not something we did as much before Sunday Suppers. – Imani

Tell us about a specific change you have made.

I shop better and make healthier food choices. I learned how to plan my meals and save money using coupons. -Naisha
Now I try new foods. I thought I wouldn’t like kale but tried it in a salad and loved it. – Imani

How has your experience impacted your family in terms of increasing quality of life or satisfaction?

We eat our meals together and cook together and we didn’t use to do that. Also the kids like trying new foods. At home my mom makes cooks, Imani helps and we all eat together. We learned a lot and created friendships with people in our community. – Naisha

Meet one of our Volunteers

Alec Gold chose Sunday Suppers for his Bar Mitzvah project because he wanted to “help…people in need with my bare hands. This was a great experience and made me feel so good…I learned that when you go out of your way to help others, good fortune will come to you.

What do you like best about volunteering?

I really enjoyed doing art projects with the kids while they were waiting to get seated for dinner. I also really enjoyed listening in on the topic of the night and contributing to the conversation. Serving the food and helping with cleanup was also fun. I liked everything about it!

How was it volunteering as a family helping other families?

I really enjoyed sharing this experience with my parents. Even though we were volunteers and not participants, we learned a lot about meal planning and eating together as a family.

What is your favorite memory from volunteering?

Sharing my art supplies with the kids and playing games at the table to help keep them occupied.

What family meal is your favorite at home?

Chicken Parmesan

Spring Supper

Our annual fundraiser is a celebration of our program’s successes and an opportunity to build awareness, expand our support base, and raise money. Modeled after our program, participants gather around the table for a healthy and delicious meal.
This year’s event featured keynote speaker Mariana Chilton, Director of Drexel University’s Center for Hunger Free Communities and founder of Eat Café. She spoke about food insecurity and food justice. Our “Nourishing Communities Award” was given to Eat Café for their commitment to nourish, educate, and promote food justice for all.
It was a privilege to be joined by so many supporters who are concerned local food scarcity and poverty.


Financial Statement From July 1, 2016 To June 30, 2017

Foundations $66,700
Individuals $42,788
Special Event $27,465
Corporate/Matching $4,850
In-kind $17,385
Total Revenues $159,188
Personnel $81,770
Administration $17,219
Program $5,007
Food $11,602
Office $1,321
Total Expenses $116,919

* Sunday Suppers is fiscally sponsored by and operates under the legal and fiscal umbrella of the Share Food Program, Inc.

* Sunday Suppers closed FY2017 with a surplus of $42,269 after a successful fundraising year. This surplus will be used to add a new site, hire additional staff, and expand the number of families we serve.


Our Staff

Founder & Director. Linda started Sunday Suppers in 2011 because she believes that everyone is entitled to having their basic needs met. Her previous roles as a nonprofit evaluator and chef laid the foundation for this program.

Program Manager. Jacquelyn is responsible for all aspects of program management including recruitment, implementation, and community partnerships. Working with our families, she sees the opportunity for each to learn from one another which builds trust, confidence, and community.

Family Engagement Coordinator. Hope has been responsible for the coordination and management of program activities, and was the link to our families, partner site, and community.

Chef. With over 10 years of experience cooking and growing food, Drew worked with our families to support them in developing skills and confidence around cooking and eating together.

Chef. Mercelyne started at Sunday Suppers in 2013 as an intern, and has been involved in a variety of ways since then. She values the opportunity to build relationships with families, teaching healthier ways to cook and sharing meals.

  • Keyhana Lewis
  • Bianca Lopez
  • Kerry Mahon
  • Khaliah Pitts

Peer Leaders
  • Joan Dansette
  • Victoria Lee
  • Shaleeyah Jordan
  • Iris Pereira
  • Milagros Plaza
  • Heather Swope

Advisory Board

Our first Advisory Board convened in October 2017. We will look to this group as we lay the foundation for growing our program and expanding the number of low-income families we serve. In addition to providing guidance and support, they will help to ensure the organizational structure, processes, and programs continue to support the goals and mission of Sunday Suppers. We are so grateful for the support of our board members:

an expert in non-profit organization and strategy, brings her belief in our program, resourcefulness, and a willingness to do whatever is needed to move us forward. She will continue to work with the Director to focus on big picture thinking and longer term initiatives.

principal of Epstein Consulting Group (ECG), offers expertise in connecting organizational strategy with revenue development; she will help us address our long-term sustainability goals and challenges through a comprehensive funding strategy.

founder and artistic director of Commonwealth Youthchoirs, oversees five programs that reach over 500 kids in the Philadelphia region. He creates unique opportunities for his singers and is committed to “Ending Artlessness” in area schools. With his incredible creativity and energy, he will push us to think outside of box as we expand.

General Manager of nationally-recognized Fantes Kitchen Store, brings her strong business sense and willingness to support families in our community. Liana has supported Sunday Suppers’ program to provide kitchen equipment to our families and will provide advice to help guide our expansion in a fiscally responsible manner

principal of Dorel Shanon Consulting, brings her long term commitment to our mission and her many years of experience working, consulting and volunteering with social impact organizations. As she does with other non-profits, she will help us realize our vision, mission and values with our community members, staff and volunteers.

Co-Founder & CEO of Social Innovations Partners, is a leader in helping to create new social models that have a lasting impact on communities, create systems change, are financially autonomous, and have the potential to be taken to scale. He brings to us staunch community activism as well as the ability to balance idealism and practicality.

has been the voice for improving the lives of children in Philadelphia for close to 50 years. As the Executive Director of PCCY, Shelly advocated for health, education, child care and other issues affecting kids. She now wants to offer her significant expertise to help Sunday Suppers expand partnerships and increase collaboration.


We are incredibly greateful for everyone who has made our work at Sunday Suppers possible.

Our Foundations

  • Cartoon Network
  • Rough Draft Studios
  • SpongeBob Movie #2
  • Apple Computers
  • Google chat talk
  • G4TV channel
  • G4TV channel

Community Partner

Corporations & Organizations

Matching Gifts

  • Benevity
  • Dropbox
  • Google
  • Quaker Chemical
  • Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

In Kind Donors



  • Anonymous
  • Richard Gold & Cheryl Kritz
  • Stephen Samost


  • Joan Adler
  • Sharon Bishop
  • Terryl Decker
  • Marcea Driscoll
  • Mariella & Lee Esposito
  • Marilyn Frank & David Feldman
  • Annie Goldenberg
  • Abraham Goldstein
  • Alice Hausman
  • Mary Holloway
  • Matthew Pappajohn & Catherine Recker
  • Larry Passmore
  • Ann Ricksecker
  • Goldie Schultz
  • Dorel Shanon & Stuart Bogom


  • Dennis Bower
  • Colleen Christian & Courtland Schmidt
  • Mariana Chilton
  • Bryna & Gary Goldstein
  • Paul Karsevar
  • Mara Natkins & Jerry Fagliano
  • John Parsons
  • Trina Poretta & Jeffrey Ranalli
  • Bonnie Queen & Frank Hollick
  • Sara Vernon Sterman
  • Michael Zoller


  • Anonymous
  • Cathy Agnew
  • Kathy Amrom
  • Kay Armstrong
  • David & Irene Baker Levy
  • Sarah Braun & Shai Gluskin
  • Joel Brazy
  • David Broida
  • Ann Bronczyk
  • Susan Brown
  • Lynn Buono
  • Andi Casher & Tom Sutton
  • Deb Castelucci
  • Rory Cohen
  • Robin & Ron Coleman
  • Sharon Collins
  • Emily & Jon Conant
  • Debbie Courter & Steve Aicholtz
  • Suzanne Daub & Sandra Dempsey
  • Kim & Chris David
  • Corinne Dieterle
  • Jackie & Pat Duci
  • Wendy Epstein & Jim Steiker
  • Sam & Julia Finney
  • Steve Fisher
  • Lori & Tom Flynn
  • Debby & Joe Foster
  • Susan Frank
  • Maria Frontera & Polly O’Keefe
  • Nancy & Seth Fuchs Kreimer
  • Patty Gerrity & David George
  • Lewis & Laura Gitlin
  • Barbara & Stephen Gold
  • Noah Goldstein
  • def
  • def
  • Sara Gordon & Scott Janzen
  • Patty Hasson
  • Jean Hunt
  • Carol & Mark Huxta
  • Yardly & Scott Jenkins
  • Becky Johnson & Larry Weisberg
  • Marie Keller
  • Linda Koons
  • Rhonda & David Kutzik
  • Lance & Mary Laver
  • Murray Levine
  • David Levine & Joanna Weinberg
  • Marjory Levitt
  • Natalie Levkovich
  • Deb & Rob Lutz
  • Rod MacNeil
  • Andrea Madden & Larry Needleman
  • Robin Maddox & Ralph Luongo
  • Neil Mahon
  • Geof & Kate Margo
  • Chris Martire
  • Barbara Mattleman & Dean Kaplan
  • Maggie & Tim McCullough
  • Lloyd & Dianne McDermott
  • David & Judith Mercuris
  • Jackie Neal
  • Adina & Norman Newberg
  • Ann O’Brien
  • Isa Oliveres
  • Arlene Olson
  • Esther & Abe Orlick
  • Catherine Ormerod
  • Lianna Ottaviani
  • Carol Parzen
  • Pat & Charlie Pelletreau
  • Cindy & Steve Perkiss
  • Paul & Jan Polasky
  • Pat Quigley & Sharon Weinman
  • Michele Reimer & Jeff Winkler
  • Penny Rezet & Eric Feingold
  • Beth Rezet & Gregg Fromell
  • Lillie Rizack Rizack & Carol Murray
  • Anne Robbins
  • Andrea & Al Saah
  • Louise Sachs
  • Sal & Marilyn Saporito
  • Rochelle Sauber
  • Dveera Segal & Brad Bridge
  • Donald Silver
  • Jaclyn Silwinski
  • Elise Singer & Don Perelman
  • Michele Sokoloff
  • Susan Spencer & Deb Greenstein
  • Susan Steinberg
  • Nora Sweet
  • Ellen Tedaldi
  • Rebecca & David Thornburgh
  • Judith Thorpe & Janet Pritchard
  • Jean & Simon Tickell
  • Bridget Wadzuk
  • Yolanda Wallace
  • Heidi Watson
  • Colleen Watts
  • Muriel Weiner
  • Liz Werthan
  • Amy & Bernie Wilson
  • Pat Wisch & Bill Yancey
  • Steveanna Wynn
  • Bobbie Smith Zimmaro

Up to $100

  • Lois Bachman
  • Elyse Baroncini
  • Sharon Barr & Pete Hoskins
  • Jody Berg & Margot Boigon
  • Beth Berman
  • Joanie Brooks & Rob Moore
  • Emellie Calderon
  • Rob Carfagno
  • Evelyn & Joseph Chrol
  • Joe & Carroll Clay
  • Cheryl Clearwater
  • Amy Cohen & Mark Spiller
  • Janet D’Angelo
  • Martha Davis
  • Katie Day
  • Jessie & Scott Diamond
  • Linda & Michael Dzuba
  • Jayne Epstein & Wolfe Golden
  • Rebecca Ergas
  • Nan Feyler & Lisa Shulock
  • Anne Frank
  • Dayle Freidman & David Ferleger
  • Louise Giugliano
  • Elissa Goldberg & Anndee Hochman
  • Andrew Goodman
  • Margaret Graham
  • Libby Harman
  • Ruth Hendry
  • Michele Koskinen
  • Miriam Langer
  • Martha Lask & Jonathan Harmon
  • Craig & Elizabeth LeBan
  • Bea & Norman Leopold
  • Saku Longshore & Gary Klein
  • Lisa & Steven Mervis
  • Dale Mezzacappa
  • Susan Miesnik
  • Robin Morris
  • Sharon Mullally
  • David Nuddle
  • Michael O;Neill
  • Ellen O’Connell
  • Bob Pierson
  • Cheryl & Ralph Pinkus
  • Virginia Resseger
  • Robin Rifkin & Michael Silverman
  • Monica Rogozinski
  • Helene Rosenman
  • Jean Sachs & John Knapich
  • Judy Schatz & Robin McEntire
  • Elaine Schultz
  • Nancy & Jerry Shick
  • Sharon Sigal & Jim Feldman
  • Laura Silverman & Matthew Bartholomew
  • Christine Smythe
  • Sara Sobel
  • Robert Squaresky
  • Meryl Sussman
  • Susan Thompson
  • Carol Towarnicky & Ron Goldwyn
  • Jan Waldauer
  • Erika Wallace & Wes Sommerville
  • Shelly Yanoff
  • Sydelle Zove & Stephen Kaufman


  • Claudia Archer
  • Donna Barnett
  • Annette Bornstein
  • Roz Bratt
  • Sarah Braun & Shai Gluskin
  • Lynn Buono
  • Emellie Calderon
  • Fran Cassidy
  • Deborah Croll
  • Debra Domsky
  • Sandy Dych
  • Nan Feyler & Lisa Shulock
  • Cynthia Flaugher
  • Linda Joyce Forristal
  • Marilyn Frank
  • Norma Gottlieb
  • Michele Haines
  • Libby Harman
  • Alice Hausman
  • Jill Horn
  • Jacinthe Julien
  • Michele Koskinen
  • Susan Lynch Killoran
  • Maire McShane
  • Ellen O’Connell
  • Mark Ottaviani
  • Christina Pappajohn
  • Kim Pelkey
  • Patricia Pelletreau
  • Anita Pignataro
  • Pat Quigley & Sharon Weinman
  • Linda Ramsey
  • Michele Reimer
  • Ann Ricksecker
  • Rochelle Sauber
  • Linda Schleifer
  • Dorel Shanon
  • Susan Spencer & Deb Greenstein
  • Karen Stark
  • Kate Stover
  • Diane Tillman
  • Yolanda Wallace
  • Judy Weinstein
  • Jane Weiss
  • Raisa Williams
  • Nancie Zane
Get Involved/How You Can Help

There are many ways to get involved and to support Sunday Suppers.